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Sabado Community Health Initiative


The Sabado Community Health Initiative is dedicated in honor of longtime physician, community leader, and inaugural Board of Directors member Dr. Francisco Dino Sabado, Jr. (1943-2015). The Initiative serves the diverse health needs of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and surrounding area, with a focus on the well-being of the community's youth.


Dr. Francisco Sabado was born on February 9, 1943 in Sorsogon, Philippines, later immigrating to the United States to pusue a career in medicine. An otolaryngologist by specialty, he obtained and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore. In 1972, Dr. Sabado moved his family to Martinsburg and set up his private practice, specializing in treatment of ear, nose, and throat. His 43 years of service to the community came in the form of a caring and compassionate physician, beloved medical educator, humble servant leader, and indispensable mentor to each new generation.


Dr. Sabado helped found The Arthur Guyton Foundation by joining the inaugural Board of Directors of the organization in 2014. On May 6, 2015, he passed away at the age of 72 surrounded by the love of his family and many friends. His incredible life of service, leadership, and sacrifice are immortalized around the Eastern Panhandle through his many lifelong contributions to the area's health and well-being. Dr. Sabado's impact has inspired The Arthur Guyton Foundation tremendously since its inception and his memory will continue to guide the mission of the organization.

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